Michelle & Bashir

March 30, 2019

Houston, Texas


Feel free to share your thoughts and wishes as we prepare to celebrate our special day.
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  • Kerwin
    5 months ago

    I'm so looking forward to this fabulous moment! I wish both of you the best. You too look beautiful together. Love you much.
    -Cousin Kerwin

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  • Villia Abdul-Lateef
    8 months ago

    “Where there is love there is life.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Cheryl Hutchinson
    9 months ago

    Extending a heartfelt congratulations to my Nephew Basir and his beautiful fiancée Michelle! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. For now, sending you both a "Well Done!" Love, Auntie Cheryl.

  • MaKayla Janne Nichols
    11 months ago

    I am so happy you found True Love. I believe Bashir is the right one for our family.
    Bashir, you are a father figure that I’ve come to depend on. I love you both.
    MaKayla Janne

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  • Dylan McKhi Nichols
    11 months ago

    Since the first time I saw you, it was LOVE at first sight!💕I have been waiting for you to find someone that you could give all of your love.
    Bashir, I love you like a father and I hope you and Mom grow happy together.
    Your Dear Son,
    Dylan McKhi
    8 years old

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  • Eddie Orum, III
    11 months ago

    Michelle you have been like a warm ray of sunshine since the day of your birth. It has been my honor to have been there to love, protect and guide you through life's challenges. I have tried to model the type of man that you could admire. As I meet Bashir, my soul is satisfied because you have chosen well. I wish success and unity for the both of you. With love, I will continue to be there for you and Bashir.

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  • Dinah J. Orum
    11 months ago

    CONGRATULATIONS to my first granddaughter, Michelle Janne Nichols of Houston, Texas on becoming the fiancée of Bashir Abdul-Lateef from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I know your deceased grandfather, Eddie Lee Orum II, is smiling down on both of you from Heaven! He’s probably enjoying all of the pre-wedding activities with all the Nichols, Orums, and Abdul-Lateef families.
    May God Bless both of you!
    Your Maternal Grandmother,
    Dinah Orum

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  • Delbra Nichols
    11 months ago

    As your Mom, I think, remember, and treasure every event of your previous and present walks of life. From “Baby to Bride,” I’ve stayed awake many nights reminding myself of the many blessings we’ve shared and those yet to come. With God’s continued blessings, the future will still prove to be more fruitful, more rewarding, and richer.
    Michelle and Bashir, I pray that the two of you treasure what God has bestowed upon you. May you never forget the EXTENSION of LOVE that you’ve each brought to the hearts and eyes of: MaKayla Janne, Dylan McKhi, Belle, Capone, and Cleo.
    Love, Mom

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Our Wedding Day!